Mother Earth

Year of CD Release: 2000

Record Label: DSFA Records

Country: Netherlands

Catalog Number:  DSFA1022G

No major difference between this and the regular release, other than that the discs are gold in color rather than silver. The tray card layout is slightly different, and the jewel case has a new barcode sticker obscuring the one printed on the tray card, and the letter G has been appended to the catalog number.

Disc 1

Song NameLength
Mother Earth5:29
Ice Queen5:20
Our Farewell5:18
The Promise8:00
Never-Ending Story4:02
Deceiver of Fools7:34
Dark Wings4:14
In Perfect Harmony6:58

Disc 2 (CD-ROM)

Song NameLength
World of Make Believe4:52
CD-ROM content, including backstage and live footage, The Making of, Lyrics, and member info. 

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